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American Songwriter

"  McCullough's own vocal lilt, which sounds at once delicately modern
and warmly classic in its character "



Billboard Magazine

"  After Midnight highlights the Canadian singer-songwriter’s whispered vocals alongside descriptive songwriting and ace musicianship provided by members of Union Station and the Time Jumpers  "


A modern songwriter inspired by timeless classics and old-school country music, Callie McCullough has chased her unique muse for years. . .


Making contemporary roots music that nods to the legends who came before her. It's a sound anchored by intimate ballads and McCullough's gorgeous voice, whose Alison Krauss-worthy tone and Dolly Parton-sized beauty stand in contrast to her dry humor and larger-than-life personality.

McCullough’s debut album, After Midnight (2020), featuring first-class picking from members of the GRAMMY-winning bluegrass band Union Station and western-swing super-group The Time Jumpers — quickly put her on the map, garnering a Canadian Country Music Association Nomination for Alternative Country Album of the Year, and three CMAO Nominations: Roots Artist of the Year, Rising Star and Songwriters of the Year.

Having recently teamed up with GRAMMY-nominated producer, Dave Brainard [Brandy Clark, Jamey Johnson, Jerrod Niemann], McCullough will showcase a whole new side of her artistry on Friday, September 8, with the sassy, fun and whimsical, “What If I Don’t.” A song that playfully challenges the expectations of marriage, having babies, making money and the notion of getting older — asking all the “what if’s” with a wink and a nod. As Callie explains, “You hit a certain age and it feels like there’s pressure coming from every direction that it’s time to settle down. It’s all stories of the biological clock, running out of time, and being afraid of getting older... I for one think getting older is going to be a blast and I can't wait to continue doing whatever the hell I want for the rest of my life.”

 The banjo, dobro and harmonica give us grassy textures woven together by handclaps, drums, loose groove, and three-part harmonies all lead by McCullough’s larger-than-life personality and angelic voice for an infectious and downright refreshing sound. 

Born third generation in a musical family, her childhood home was filled with inspiration, and it wasn't long before Callie was contributing to the family business. The Canadian Songbird took to the road spending nearly a decade touring with other projects before landing in Nashville — armed with the vocal chops of an established pro, the fighting spirit of an independent musician, and quick-witted humor that belied the sad tone of her ballads.

With high praise from American Songwriter and Billboard, Callie has made an impact in the music scene with her vulnerable vocals, breathtaking lyrics, and fusion of traditional country, celtic, bluegrass and folk influences. She creates a musical tapestry that effortlessly captures classic and rootsy nostalgia, coupled with her own contemporary twists, sharp songwriting, and the expressive singing of an artist who has truly found her voice.

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“  Callie McCullough is back with a new anthem for those who know

who they are and won't let anyone else plan their lives out for them ”

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"McCullough’s hypnotizing phrasing, endearing inflections, and lullaby-like vocals will make the coldest soul swoon" - Music Mecca

“Some singing voices you can listen to until the end of time. Callie McCullough’s ethereal and comforting vocals are both breathtaking and haunting in equal measure. Either way, it is a voice you could listen to forever" - Yellow and Black Music

“McCullough’s sonic identity, encapsulates the legends who came before her and her deep appreciation for their ground-breaking legacies.” -Record World International



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